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With 20+ years of leadership experience as an accomplished COO, CEO, President, and General Manager, Hank Carabelli now provides business leaders the coaching and expertise needed to secure financial support, improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and attain strategic goals.  Most recently,  as Co-Founder of MyEstateManager LLC, he has spearheaded the funding, development and launch of software based services, dealing with life transition events, to churches and local professionals such as estate attorneys.

Hank’s approach to Executive Coaching regarding business culture, strategy, technology development and operational effectiveness reflects successes as General Manager and Vice President, Quality Integration at Ameritech, where he administered a $130M expense budget and produced the industry’s first use of voice recognition technology generating $80M savings over two years. While at Ameritech, Hank used a strong knowledge of work process redesign to attain fivefold cycle time reductions, zero defects, and customer satisfaction improvements, with subsequent studies under Dr. D.W. Deming. As a direct result of his work, companies have dramatically increased asset utilization, enhanced customer satisfaction, restructured to reduce expenses, improved efficiency, promoted strategic partnerships, and cut debt in order to achieve their growth objectives. In addition, his ability to attract capital—including a total of $60M while at Pac-West Telecomm—has allowed corporations to fund growth ventures critical to changes in their core business models.

The driving force behind Pac-West Telecomm’s emergence into the VoIP market, Hank has achieved strong results for corporations that have sought his expertise in high-risk, high-reward situations. His record of revenue generation and team building is reflected in his former position as COO for ICG Communications, where he facilitated 650% growth by transforming the company into the nation’s largest and fastest growing competitive local exchange carrier.

Hank’s background includes board membership for a public company, detailed familiarity with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations, and service on Pac-West Telecomm’s executive, compensation and nominating committees, with participation in the audit committee as CEO.

Hank holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Detroit and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business. A resident of Colorado, he remains active in the corporate startup and transformation consulting arena, with leadership, business development, marketing support, and strategic advisory services provided to businesses throughout the United States.